Delft Tile Depiction of Yo-Yoing

A popular subject during this period was children at leisure. This tile depicts two children playing the yo-yo. This yo-yo scene popular and several...

2013 Worlds 4A Champions Yo-Yo

Used by Michael Nakamura to win the 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest 4A Division Jet-Set EC by YoYoSomething.

2013 4A Champions Yo-Yo

Used by 4A Champion Ian Johnson to win the 2013 National Yo-Yo Contest. YoYoJam Rextreme 2.

2013 3A Champion Yo-Yos

Used by 3A National Champion Alex Hattori to win the 2013 National Yo-Yo Contest. YoYoJam Collider – signature series yo-yo for Alex.

2013 2A National Champions Yo-Yos

Used by 2A Champion Joseph Harris to win the 2013 National Yo-Yo Contest. YoYoJam Unleashed, his signature series yo-yo.

2013 National 1A Champions Yo-Yo

This is the yo-yo used by Gentry Stein to win the 1A division at the 2013 National Yo-Yo Contest. Signature series Shutter by YoYoFactory.

Yomega Wing Force used by Mark McBride for 3A

From Mark: “The 2 Wing Force yo-yos that started Triple-A. At the time I was actually a professional with Yomega. I believe Yomega was...

2012 1A National Champions Yo-Yo

Donated by 2012 1A National Champion Zach Gormley. Signature series Arctic Circle by CLYW. On display in the Champions Case at the National Yo-Yo...

Tom Kuhn Prototype Gallery

Tom Kuhn has donated many of the prototypes and early models to display in the museum. Pictures and descriptions will be updated on a...

Duncan Ding-Bell

A rare find donated to the Museum thanks to Richy Nye. A Duncan Ding-Bell paddleball. When the ball hit the ‘nose’ in the center...